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Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership starts at the top.


What if you had someone to support and guide you to consistently perform at your peak? Someone who could support you to overcome any personal or professional obstacles standing in the way of your ideal business and your life?


Whether you are currently in an executive position, or you are getting ready for a leadership role, as your Leadership and Executive coach, Darlene will help you tap into your limitless potential so you too, can be the best leader you can be.


The pressure to consistently perform at your best, motivate and inspire your teams, and produce outstanding results is, for many in leadership positions, overwhelming and almost career stalling. It’s not surprising that:


88% of people in a leadership role report higher levels of stress.


Stress leads to reduced clarity, poor decision-making, conflict, disengagement and ultimately – ineffective leadership.

Leadership starts at the top with top-down executive and leadership development strategies to develop yourself and your organization. To highlight the words of Goldsmith:


“What got you here, won’t get you there” especially in these times.


The play book of the past and the best practices no longer apply. When you get to the top, who can you confide in to ensure you or your team don’t go off the rails? You reach out to The Coaching Suite. Your performance is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics we show you and guide you all the way. 


  • Prepare for those difficult conversations that you have been dreading and avoiding. We work through your professional and personal blinds spots and roadblocks.

  • Strategies to effectively communicate with your C Suite and Executive teams.

  • 5 Skills of an Epic Leader.

  • Foundational work of “Leader as a Coach” and onboarding coaching.

Schedule a free strategy call to explore executive and leadership development coaching to gain the sustainability in those results you want now.


Be Curious, Get Courageous and Stay Consistent. 

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