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Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership Development Specialist & Coach
Darlene Huff

Be Curious,
Stay Curious,
Get Consistent


The Coaching Suite is for high-potential, high-performing executives in mid-sized companies that know there is a better way to build a business.

Darlene has led teams for:

Disney Store
Williams Sonoma
Lady Footlocker
David's Bridal

Darlene Huff
cpcc, csp

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Darlene is an accomplished business leader with a passion to develop high potential, high performing women in business and leadership aspiring to next level greatness. The Coaching suite is a boutique executive development organization that leverages global experts in the areas of coaching, consulting, HR professionals and thought leaders.

Darlene has coached leaders from: 

Lexus Toyota
American Eagle


Darlene is one of a kind. Her patience, curiosity, gift for listening, and ability to reframe my thinking have led me to understand myself, and those around me better. And the range of issues on which I seek her support and guidance only increases the more I learn. She is non-judgmental, practical and grounded when offering sage business and leadership advice. Most importantly, she has provided me with tools to continue my journey of self-discovery. I'm a better person and leader because of our relationship, and I count myself lucky to have her in my corner.

Jackie Ross


Working with Darlene as my coach gave me a better understanding of myself, I learned how to switch my perspective from being highly self-critical to starting with empathy and kindness for myself. Darlene is a personable and exceptionally attentive coach who leads with heart. Darlene forms a strong sense of community and trust that sets the tone for the group to show up and get the best out of the course by being themselves as we take the journey into the unknown together. At every stage, I always felt a deep sense of trust in Darlene as she guided me to develop my leadership from the inside out. 

Gary Griffith

VP HR Marketing & Tech

Working with Darlene was positively eye opening.  She truly invests her time and patience in all that she is mentoring.  She is unconditionally nonjudgmental and believes in the good in everyone.  She makes it her personal goal to bring out the best. Curious by nature, she really digs deep into why people are the way they are, therefore, is able to understand all different personalities. She truly has taught me so much.

Rachael ONeill

Rosa Clara Bridal National Sales Manager

I have worked with Darlene for approx. 5 years.  Darlene shows a commitment to always helping me find my inner peace to remain, and move forward, to being successful in all aspects of work and life. Darlene does this through a very honest, respectful and non-judgmental way, and finds a way to get me to dig deeper below the surface of any challenges. This has changed the way I view others, situations, and my approach to everyday life. I no longer allow life to force me to react, having learned to change reactions to reflections.

Greg Brown

Service Manager Heffner Toyota

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